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InstallAnywhere license issue

Hi, I am using installanywhere 2015 version from long time, but recently it is started giving license error. But we have InstallAnywhere Premier Perpetual License. Now Whenver I have try to open install anywhere it is asking for License file. So I am choosing Node-Locked license and providing our previous license file. but it is giving this error "This Copy of installAnywhere could not be registered using node locked licensing file specified,Please check if the license file specified at (C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallAnywhere 2015\MyLicenses)is valid license for this node, if this was subscription license.please verify if your license has expired." I am finding one difference hostId of license file and hostId of InstallAnywhere license wizard different. I have tried by putting same hostId in InstallAnywhere license wizard, But still it is not working.

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Hi @manishgupta03,

Thank you for your post.

My understanding is that you mentioned that the Host ID in the license file you are using does not match the Host ID displayed in the Registration Wizard. The Host ID is not something that is entered into the Registration Wizard itself. You need to go to the Product and License Center and generate a license file with the correct Host ID, if your current license file has an incorrect Host ID.



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