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InstallAnywhere (from Zero G era) stalls...

Dear Forum,

I got this EasyStatics.jar and EasyStatics.exe file from ETH Zurich. When installing either of them they stall. The jar and exe are made with InstallAnywhere from Zero G (before Flexera acquisition).

I installed the latest Java Runtime Environment for my Windows 10.

With the jar-file I can click through all the procedures but when finally installing it stalls. See all 10 attached png-files for the chronology of the steps I go through. 

What can be the issue? Something with the configuration of Java? I'm not familiar with the InstallAnywhere software just hoping to get this EasyStatics software installed. I hope someone can give me some advice or tips how to solve this. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards, Jeroen (teacher Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi Jeroen, Thank you for your post. An installer made with InstallAnywhere by Zero G, before the Flexera acquisition, is built with a version of InstallAnywhere that has reached its end-of-life so it is no longer supported. That version of InstallAnywhere also does not support Windows 10. Thanks, Ian

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