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InstallAnywhere 2021: Panel: Scrolling Message always empty


We recently updated to InstallAnywhere 2021 (using InstallAnywhere 2020 before). Our existing project uses a "Panel: Scrolling Message" to show some output relevant for the installation.

After the upgrade to InstallAnywhere 2021 the panel always shows nothing (blank window)! Before it showed the defined text.

Testing with a new sample project and also simple text and even using the Preview button in the InstallAnywhere the "Panel: Scrolling Message" always shows only a blank screen.

The Java used is Java 11 or the Java included in the InstallAnywhere 2021 package.

Since this worked fine in all previous version, this seems to be a bug.

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Level 3

Here is a screenshot about the topic.

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Level 6

Hi @mheuler ,

Yes, Scrolling message getting empty is a bug.
Hotfix is available for this.
IA 2021 Hotfix A, which include the fix for this, is now available & can be downloaded
by checking for updates in the InstallAnywhere 2021 IDE (Tools > Check for Updates).

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