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Level 2

Install path displayed incorrectly on Mac OS X

On the 'Project\Platforms\Mac OS X' page we've set the default install folder to be under the 'Home Directory', however when running the installer we see the following in the installer GUI:

Choose Install Folder page:
inside "Product Name" in the folder "Company Name" on the disk "Macintosh HD".

Pre-Installation Summary page:
Install Folder:
"Product Name" in the folder "Company Name" on the disk "Macintosh HD"

Install complete page:

/Users/username/Company Name/Product Name

It's like it's honoring the 'Home Directory' we selected above for the actual installation, but when asking the customer where to install it and displaying it in the pre-installation information it's ignoring the home directory part.
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Level 6

I believe there is no way to change the way the Choose Install Folder Panel works on Mac OS X.

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