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Level 4

Install hanging, can't remove instances

For some reason an install just decided to sit and not do anything. I tried uninstalling, cleaning the registry, and deleting any files it laid down... Now anytime I try to install it tells me there is another instance and the installs will no longer complete....

Any ideas on how to clear this up?

If this was already answered before and you know the link, please feel free to point me in the right direction!

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Level 20

Well, it really depends on what your installer does, there isn't too much help you can get. Is it possible for you to post your .iap_xml project file?
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Level 4

Had to save off as a doc file as xml files were not allowed to be uploaded.

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Level 6

Hi kaysy2,

The Instance Management uses the Zerog Registry to determine how many instances are there in the machine.

If you have deleted all the files, and still the references pop up during instance management, then the Zerog Registry has references to this project, and since you have deleted the files, the Instance Management would not be able to manage that instance.

So in effect, on this machine you should delete the entries in Zerog Registry.

Please make sure you do not do such a change on your customer's target machine.

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Level 4

Thanks jijujacob27!

No worries on doing this on a customer machine 🙂 I am evaluating so things I learn now won't be done in the future 😛

Thanks again!
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