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Install Directory is created eventhough installation is cancelled at welcome screen

I am using Product Registry API to determine the existing installations as i am facing inconsistent issues with 'Find Registry By Component' Action.

I am using it as :
SoftwareObjectSearchCriteria soc = new SoftwareObjectSearchCriteria();

ProductRegistryService service = (ProductRegistryService) ip.getService(ProductRegistryService.class);

Product[] products = service.getProducts(soc);

If i am using this; and when installation is cancelled at welcome screen itself ; it is creating the Directory as 'InstallDirectory /uninstall' and placing registry file into it.

So,eventhough installation is cancelled the directory is getting created. Is there any relation between this Product registry and creating the installation folder?

I tried with 'Enable Rollback' feature of 2010.even this feature didnt solved this problem.

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Would it be possible for you to post your project file? I think this is the easiest way to check for your issue, otherwise it is hard to tell how the project logic works and why the folder is created even if you cancel the installation.
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