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Install Action not working on linux machine

Hi All,

This is a very urgent issue. I encountered this on one of the Production machines (LINUX).
I have created a patch which is supposed to install a file on a Linux machine and it did work. We have installed it on about 20 machines it works all the time but in one instance it created a problem.
A file needs to be installed to /home/ms1/bin folder and permissions need to be set on the file. In the one instance where it failed it reports it as an error in the log file but to my surprise it returns it as a non-fatal error and the installer continues and reports success and the program that calls it keeps proceeding to the next steps which is very bad. I have looked at the installer carefully and can't see any problem in that.
Once I found the problem I did run the installer on the same machine in Debug mode and it does seem to work which is also surprising.
I am attaching the log file for your reference.

I would be thankful if someone could help me with this urgently !!
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The problem is that what went wrong happened in a custom action, so you should investigate that (and also what exactly is different on the single machine where the issue appeared).
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Hi pv7721,

Thanks for replying. Actually the problem with the custom code plugin is a known issue for us. We can live with it for now.
Our concern is that the file is not getting deployed on one machine. We are using simple "Add Files" method for adding that file. Nothing is being done through custom code for file deployment.
It would be great if anyone can give me an idea what can go wrong on a machine..any guesses would also be helpful.

Thanks !!
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