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Level 2

In rules component, checking for blank values in user input fields

There is a user input field which cannot be left blank. How to check if the text is not null by adding a rule. I tried the Match Regular Expression rule to validate it.
It validates other stuff but cannot verify for blank input.
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Level 20

Check to see if it's $NULL$, that should do the trick.
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Level 9

if you want to check that any text field should be left blank,then you use the installanywhere variable which you have used in the Get user input advanced.
Then use compare installanywhere variables:
Say your installanywhere variable name:
then use this strategy:
1.Add a message dialog and when the user clicks on "ok" make him to go to the previous panel.
On this message dialog you add a rule:
If any queries revert back,i am here to help you if i know the solution.
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Level 3

If we have to restrict User to enter only Numeric data.
What I have to do??
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Level 20

Use a regexp.
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