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INSTALLER_TEMP_DIR not available during install


In the "install" frame, I am dropping files into the "Installer Temp Directory" then executing a script/batch file. (Also under the "install" frame".)

I am using $INSTALLER_TEMP_DIR$ in my script to point to the files I put there. For example:

The problem is that IA 2008vp1 is not replacing this IA variable with the value. All the other IA variables that _I_ created _are_ getting replaced.

Any ideas?
Is this a bug?
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Level 4

As a follow-up...

This is a very strange problem. I went through my linux script and inserted a bunch of these:

The end result was:
sometimes it was replaced with: echo /tmp/745049.tmp
and sometimes it was left as-is.

I spent almost all day on this problem and was unable to get to the root cause. I ended up putting a line like this at the top of the script:
and used $my_temp_dir throughout the rest of the script.

I still don't know the root cause, but at least I'm not going to lose anymore time on it.

This was exhausting... 😞
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