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IA2010 Localization Changes...

I need to know how to work around the localization differences between IA2008VP1 and IA2010.

In the past, we would take the custom_en file, generated when saving the installer project, and apply some translations to the file to create the custom_de, custom_fr, custom_ja files. Once these localized files were created, we would build the installer and these translations would be included in the installer.

In IA2010 it appears that each build generates a new set of these files which have little relation to the ones we're trying to use. Even from build to build the contents of the custom_en file, in the "tmplocales" folder, seems to change. It could be a sorting issue, but the fact that is changes when nothing has changed in the project, is disturbing.

How can I have the project use MY versions of the translations? All of the contents of the "tmplocales" folder custom_fr, custom_de, and custom_ja files are in English and the installer doesn't use the translations we have applied to the files in the "locales" folder.

The documentation is very limited on this subject, simply stating that the custom_en file shouldn't be edited outside of the IDE to avoid being overwritten. There appears to be no way to add translations in the IDE, so I assume I have to edit the custom_fr, custom_de, and custom_ja files in the "locales" folder, but those changes are NOT being reflected in the built installer.

Please advise.
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Hi Terry,

In IA2010, the locale settings are at a very granular level and are Build Configuration specific. Now you can configure different locales for different Build Configurations.

It is advised not to modify the internal locale files of IA. Once you change these files and either save/build the installer, all those files will again be restored.

However, for your requirement IA provides a feature as “External Resource Bundle Settings”. Now, you can display your own translated strings rather than showing whatever available as internal strings for your installer created. Please follow the following steps to configure.

1. Create your own resource bundle files, let’s say for French - custom_fr
2. Add the key and value(French translated) pairs in your resource bundle file.
Let’s say
Introduction.stepTitle=French value for Introduction
Introduction.description=French value for description

3. Keep all your custom resource bundle files in one directory.
4. Launch IA and navigate to Project > Locales tab in Advanced Designer.
5. Under “External Resource Bundle Settings” section, specify a name for your bundle. Let’s say “myResource”.
6. Double click on the table to get the File Chooser.
7. Now choose a resource bundle file from your custom resource bundle directory.
8. Now your External Resource Bundle is ready to support your own translation.

Syntax to External Resource Bundle support:
In this case it looks like $L{myResource.Introduction.stepTitle}

In runtime this syntax gets replaced with the value part as mentioned in your locale file.

9. Now navigate to different phases like, Pre Install, Post Install … and provide the External Resource Bundle syntax with the appropriate key in the fields where you need your own translated strings.
10. Now build and launch you installer.
11. Your installer will display your custom strings rather that IA’s internal strings.

For more information please refer to the IA2010 helpdoc. This feature is available in IA2009 onwards.

Let us know if you have any question on this.

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