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IA rules not executing in silent installation

So, I have an installer that has a user panel that asks for two inputs password and confirm password. In the IA only, i have created a rule which compares IA variables , $PASSWORD$ equals $PASSWORD1$. If the condition satisfies, then only the installation is successful, otherwise i keep sending the user back to the password input panel until the IA rule is satisfied. This all works when i launch a .exe installer, but my question is how do i make sure that even in silent mode installation, the user input goes through the same validation. Right now, i can see that no matter what values i provide for $PASSWORD$ and $PASSWORD1$ in silent mode, the installation is successful. Ideally, i would like it to go through the same validation it goes through when launching a .exe installer.

Can you please provide some instructions or point out any keynote or documentation which could help me fulfill my need? 


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Silent installation does not accept any User Input.

In silent installation this can be achieved by setting an Installer Rule
& passing values as command line arguments.

1. Add an Installer Rule
InstallAnywhere Designer->Project->Installer Rules->
Add Rule->Compare InstallAnywhere Variables
Operand 1- $PASSWORD_1$
select "equals"
Operand 2- $PASSWORD_2$

2. Run Silent installation as follows:
<installerName> -i silent -DVariable1=value1 -DVariable2=value2
install.exe -i silent -DPASSWORD_1=password1 -DPASSWORD_2=password2

Only if values passed to $PASSWORD_1$ and $PASSWORD_2$ are
same installation happens.

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