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IA look-and-feel


I've been working with InstallShield since last year. Now, we are planning to release a new version of our product to Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

So, I was considering to change from IS to InstallAnywhere. I did a previous investigation about InstallAnywhere, but I’ve still have one question related to UI customization. I've read some articles explaining how to create custom panels. However, those articles explain how to change only part of the installer frame. I would like to know if it is possible to change the installer frame completely.

Thanks in advance!
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Flexera Alumni

You can make some changes in the Installer UI > Look & Feel task---background images, side text, dimensions, billboards, and so forth. (There's nothing built-in that's equivalent to InstallShield Windows skins and themes, however.) Did you have something specific in mind?
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