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IA Registry cleanup

Is there anyway to cleanup the IA Registry? I have an install built with InstallAnywhere 2011 on the OSX platform. My user has run the install and then deleted the installation from the file system. When they run the next version of the installer it detects that the older version is there.

How do I sync up the the IA Registry with what is really installed?
I have tried letting the install go thru but now I have multiple entries in the IA Registry and it causes some uninstall issues.
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Level 9

I guess most of us are not relying on the IA Registry due to this.

In your case, you may totally delete the IA registry file and perform a new installation. But if some other installed products are made by InstallAnywhere, you may 'corrupt' them as well ....
Otherwise you will need to edit the file line by line which may be a lot of headache.

Suggestion would be to not use IA registry by checking Project/Info/"Do not update the product registry", then create your own registry file so you will have better control in it.

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