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IA 2023 R2 - Individual files in manifest files not getting copied in Windows platform

I just upgraded to InstallAnywhere 2023 R2 from IA 2020. I use manifest files for installation. The project installs successfully in linux and solaris, however, in windows (Win2k16, win2k19, win2k22), it is not installing individual files defined in the manifest file. Below is a snippet of the manifest - 

D,$IA_HOME$/dir1, dir1          -------------------------> installs in the destination directory
F,$IA_HOME$/bin/abc.exe, bin/abc.exe  -----------> does not get copied in the destination directory.

There area few entries where the destination folder is located one level above the current directory. They are defined in the manifest as below. Neither the file nor the directory is getting copied to the defined destination.

D,$IA_HOME$/workDir2 /dir2,../work/dir2

All these entries were working in previous versions of InstallAnywhere - 2013, 2020 & 2022. Further, these entries work perfectly with Unix installers created using IA 2023.

Does anybody know if the syntax for defining files and directories in manifest files has changed for windows platform, in InstallAnywhere 2023?

Will greatly appreciate any suggestion to resolve this. Thanks in advance.



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