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Hybrid installer for 32 bit & 64 bit windows System

I am using 2010 Enterpise edition.
I have developed one application and I want a single installer for both 32 bit & 64 bit windows system.
32 bit system should use 32 bit JVM & 64 bit system should use 64 bit JVM.
Please guide me how should I proceed ...

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We just have the installer use the 32 bit jvm in all cases. Then we bundle a separate 64 bit jvm which we install only if the platform is a 64 bit platform. This causes an extra jvm to be in the installer in all cases, and an extra one on disk when it is a 64 bit platform, because the installer still needs its 32 bit jvm for uninstallation (well, maybe it doesn't but I leave it there) and our product uses the 64. (In fact I'm profligate with jvms and install a separate 32 bit jvm on the 32 bit platform just so it will be in the same place for our app and our lib/ext additions will be there and not get in the way.)

I wrote a custom code rule to check bit size, on windows it looks at System.getenv("PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE") and on linux it runs some command (getconf LONG_BIT) and on solaris it runs another command (isainfo -b).
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