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How to uninstall system environment variables?

I have migrated a project from 2008 VP1 Enterprise to 2010 Enterprise SP1. The installer modifies the Windows system environment "Path" variable, and defines several new system environment variables (MQE_HOME, MQEMGR_OPTIONS, etc).

The 2008 uninstaller returns the Path variable to its previous state and removes all of the newly defined environment variables. This is the desired behavior.

The 2010 uninstaller returns the Path variable to its previous state. But, it does not remove the newly defined environment variables - MQE_HOME, MQEMGR_OPTIONS, etc remain after uninstall.

Is this change in behavior expected?

Does 2010 Enterprise SP1 provide some mechanism at uninstall time for removing new environment variables created during installation using "Set System Environment Variable"?
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Probably not, so the only way to workaround this is to save the variables before setting the new variables, and restore them when you uninstall... but the only drawback to this is that you might remove some other values that have been added after your setup.
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