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How to merge Install Anywhere code



We have parallelk development happening for installer changes. But, we are not having pleasant experiences in merging InstallAnywhere code from branch to branch. 

Do we have any guidelines to follow while merging IA changes ?

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Level 6

Support for better merging of project files from different branches in source control has been added in InstallAnywhere 2020 SP2.

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Please help me understanding that and Can you point us to good document.

Let's assume, developer1 made some changes to Installer and delivered to branch1, and developer2 made some other changes and delivered them to branch2. Now, these changes should be merged and pushed to master branch.

We are using IA2020 SP2 and project source file is not changed. It's still an XML file(.IAP_XML) and it has unknown/random/unique tags created every time we open installer and save it. It's very cumbersome to merge Installer files.

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Project source file should  be .iap_xml file and it is in the format
required for InstallAnywhere.  This format has not been changed. 
An issue was noticed wherein the Order of
<object class="com.zerog.ia.installer.util.LAXPropertyData">
project XML tag  was changing with every save of project making source
control merges of projects difficult. Further there has been an issue with
ObjectIDs of VMWareCredentialInformationImp & few other xml tags changing on
every project save/load. These merge issues has been fixed in InstallAnywhere

When you do merge of the project file you are noticing similar issue?
Can you provide info on the random xml tags that are getting created?
Can you please do a diff & share the screen shot of the
unknown tags created on open/save of project file?

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