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How to install vc++ runtimes are part of the project(InstallAnywhere 2010 Enterprise)

Our software (mainly a java product) has some c++ executables. These require vc++ rumetimes be be present. One option could be to ship select dlls along with application and and copy them to the same directory as the executable.

A better option will be to installing the vc++ runtime as part of out installation. What is the correct way to do so? I have some reference to merge modules. Not sure how they are used in an InstallAnywhere 2010 (Enterprise)project.
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Level 20

Hello! During my work with several IA projects, I had to do both (copy the .dlls along the binary needing them) or have the setup installing them being run from within IA). Honestly, I prefer the 1st approach as it's much simpler, and it doesn't have possible 3rd party introduced by running that setup.

Indeed, one of our projects used that approach, and the IA setup would simply call the .exe that installs the .dlls via an Execute Command. But that would install them in GUI mode. Then the QA complained about this installer's GUI being launched when installing the project in silent mode. So I had to change its installation mode to silent.

Nevertheless, it is known that sometimes the automatic installation of those .dlls fails, and then it depends: either your setup can fail or it continues but your application won't run as the necessary .dlls are missing.

So once again, extract the necessary .dlls and ship them along your binary, it's called private installation, Microsoft allows it (they are redistributable .dlls after all, it doesn't matter how they're distributed), you'll simplify your life! 😄
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