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How to Create Shortcut Icon on Linux?

I am using InstallAnywhere 2011. On the "Create Alias, Link, Shortcut" action I can select the "Change" button of "Alias, Shortcut Icon" and set the .ico file. This only sets the icon of the shortcut for Windows. It does not work for Linux. I tried setting it to a .gif file and that did not work either. How can I set a desktop shortcut on Linux to use an icon image of my choice? I'm new to multi-platform installations so if you have an answer please be as detailed as you can.

Thank you.
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For linux shortcuts, I think it is better to not use alias,Link,Shortcut action.

You can do the shortcut by youself by creating a file with .desktop extension in the $USER_SHORTCUTS$ destination folder.

then fill the "file.desktop" with something like:

[Desktop Entry]

Read linux documentation to have all the desktop parameters define according to you needs.

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