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Level 4

How can I set environment viariable in the pre-install phase


I have a jar for an CustomCodePanel action in the Pre-Install Task, the jar file uses jni technology to load a C++ library. I need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that IA could find the C++ library. There is a "Set Environment Viariable" action but it's only available in the Install Task. How could I set env in the Pre-Install Task

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Level 6


You can also achieve this using "Execute Script/Batch file action"

At Pre-Install "Add Action" --> "Execute Script/Batch file action"
Add the script in the Text Area

set path=%path%;
echo %path%

Where is the absolute/relative path of your C++ library.

To confirm whether the path is set ,the result is re-directed to the variables in "Execute Script/Batch file action" and hence can be displayed in
"Display Message Panel"

and then execute your "custom code Panel" action.

Hope this helps?


Madhav Pai
Flexera Software
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