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Level 2

Get user input and do actions accordingly

Am new to Installanywhere and I don't know how to customize my installer based on user inputs.

I have four radio buttons in one custom panel1 during pre-install sequence, eg say office 2007, office 2010,office 2013 and office 2016.if user selects office 2007 then the next panel of installation should allow user which product of office (word, excel or PPT) they would like to install which is custom panel 2 and based on these inputs from custom panel 1 and 2 the installer should install only particular files to match user requirements. How to achieve this? Any tutorial or code would help me out. If any steps are available to do so please mention it. Awaiting for the fast response and thanks in advance.
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Level 5

have you written custom code in java for your panel which has Radio buttons? if so capture action in a variables and use that variable value in install stage to deploy corresponding files

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