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Get User Input - disable Next button.....

Need some help.......

I have a Get User Input (Advanced) panel which has three text fields + cancel/previous/next buttons.

I need to disable the Next button till user enters in all three text fields. This is what I've tried so far.....I put three rules (Match Regular Expression) on the panel to check each field to be "not equal" to "" (empty string).

During the install, I deliberately left them empty, and I was able to go to the Next screen.

How do I disable the Next button till some text is entered in all fields?

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Level 20

I would suggest you something else. Right after the panel you could use a Display Message with the following rule: any of the three text fields results is empty. This window will have an OK button that would send the user back to the previous panel with a message that they've left a field empty.
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Thanks thesam101,

Im using a toggle button to add or remove a table row with the containing input field and value.
Im adding the row using .after

Im able to get those values within the same function, but not in a new click function outside the toggle function.

Update: I "hardcoded" the table row into my html document, and then Im able to get the input value.
However, if I add this row with jQuery .after, I cannot get that value.

How do I solve this?
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