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Free Disk Space Check on Unix Checks temp not Install Dir

Is there a way to specifiy how the installer checks for free disk space on unix? It seems to be checking the filesystem where temp files go, rather than where the installer will be installing files. Prior to installing, I only have ~8 MB of free disk space in the location that the installation is targeted:

(stlibm13) /home/shared/ccbuilds
$ df -k .
Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used Iused
kodiak:/home/shared 1048576 8616 100%

In temp, I have ~942 MB:

(stlibm13) /tmp
$ df -k .
Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used
/dev/hd3 2621440 941800 65%

When the installer runs, I run the pre-install summary check (for disk space):

Disk Space Information (for Installation Target):
Required: 282.66 MegaBytes
Available: 919.73 MegaBytes

Immediately following that, this information is printed out to the console:
Available Disk Space:8MB
Required Disk Space :282MB
Insufficient Disk Space for this Installation.

But, the installation continues along 'happily', until it actually tries to install and then runs into issues. What variable contains the real required disk space and how can i make use of it? I did try these as well:

Disk space variables


I'm using IA 2011 SP2 Enterprise
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Level 20

There might be a workaround, there is a variable that allows you to set additional disk space necessary for the installation to proceed.
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Yes, thanks, I have seen that. But actually, the problem is not that the installer has the wrong required disk space, but that it has the wrong available disk space. I just need the installer, when on unix, to determine the available disk space in the correct filesystem, from the beginning. Then the next step, I'd like that "Not Enough Disk Space" action to step in to address the problem.
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