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Feature Selection

I am creating a project on IA 2011. In this project there are about 10 features and two install sets. Some features are specific to one install set and some are for the second install set. The user can select the remaining features (not the features specific to install sets).

For this I selected "Choose install sets [followed by] Choose features" radio button on install sets panel. But there was no fruitful result.

If anybody has any idea how to do it, please suggest the solution.

Thanks alot.
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Level 6

Hi atulmaurya,
A install set called "custom" is provided by default by Installanywhere.

Even,If your requirement is not to associate the remaining features along any Install Sets You can always Choose Custom Install Set at Run time and select the rest of the feature which do not remain associated to any Install Set

Hope this help!

Madhav Pai
Flexera Software.
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Level 6

Hi Madhav,

As I have mentioned there are two install sets, custom is by default provided by InstallAnywhere. So including custom there are three. Now if I take the example of my first set say "Set1", there are some features which are only for this set and some features are specifically for "Set2" now apart from these features (mandatory for their respective install sets "Set1" and "Set2") there are some features which are optional. Now if we select custom install set it will display all the features and user will have to select as per their requirement.

My requirement is a bit different. In my case if the user selects "Set1" all the mandatory features should be automatically selected and the optional features can be selected as per the requirement, also in this case the features which are specific to "Set2" should not be displayed. The same should be when the user selects "Set2" as the install set.

Hope you got my point. We were following this approach in ISMP 5.3.

Thanks alot for your valuable time.
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