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Excute shell script in IA

I just started to use Install anywhere 2009.I have to run my shell scrript code in preinstall task.
Let me know how can we do this.
Batch script run successfully if I write code in Excute script/batch file action but that is not working for shell script.

I tried using excute command but unable to find exact syntax.I can run in post install task using sh / How can run in preinstall task.

Thanks in advance..

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Level 3

Hi Nil

1. Are you writing the set of commands inside the Script box ???
2. Or you want to run the script like: sh ???
Well in the first case first make sure, have you checked “suspend all installation until process completes”…..
And check “show indeterminate dialog” (just for cross checking)…
Print $EXECUTE_STDOUT$, $EXECUTE_STDERR$ in the display to check what exactly happening ???
In the second case go install task->add files
An then ad your file( Select “execute target file” and then add you file….
I’ll recommend second one !!!!
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