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Evaluating InstallAnywhere

Hey folks. I'm new to the forums and InstallAnywhere, but not to Java or Unix/Linux install scripting. I have just joined a new company and am being tasked with evaluating IA for it's ability to take their existing install for Windows and several *nix platforms and consolidating them into a single installer.

I have yet to download the 21 day evaluation, I plan to do that shortly. But before I do it I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on getting started. I do have some general questions.

1. Will I be able to evaluate both the Standard and Enterprise versions with separate 21 days windows?
2. I'm a little unsure after reading the docs on whether I need Merge Modules for this project or not and whether basic Merge Module functionality is available in the Standard edition. Anyone know?
3. I'm wondering if the Standard/Enterprise editions are identical with regard to built-in support for things.
4. I'm wondering what's supported out of the box. Does IA have built-in support for simple things like zip/unzip functionality, regular expression/search-and-replace, moving/copying files around? Built-in support for starting/stoping Tomcat JAVA e2ee based applications? Built-in MySQL or Oracle db support?

I realize these questions are pretty general. I'm mainly interested in any comments folks might have on evaluating whether this product will suit our needs and learning of any major gotchas you might have run into.



P.S. Any good book/tutorial recommendations would also be helpful.
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Hi frank2oh,

1. No, you will not be able to evaluate both enterprise and standard for separate 21 days
2.No Merge Module support for Standard
3.The Build in support for enterprise and standard are different
4. Yes, InstallAnywhere Enterprise has all the capabilities u request in your point 4.

I strongly recommend you to evaluate InstallAnywhere Enterprise (latest Being IA 2011 SP3)

For download Links:

For complete documentation:


Madhav Pai
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