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Enable Exit Button in Custom Code Panel

Hi everyone, I'm doing some custom coding for Install Anywhere and I found a problem I could not wrap my head around it.

Basically I want to display a custom designed JFrame as an error dialog ( this has custom design ) with an OK button( I got this working as a Custom Code Action ) . When the OK button it is pressed I wanted to display a Custom Code Panel which would present the user with more information about the error and only with the Exit button( this is in the pre-install step, where I do all my checks ). I have found some relevant information about this, using GUIAccess, but did not manage to get this working.

This is the code I've been trying to fix.

public class PanelWithExitButton extends CustomCodePanel{

private CustomCodePanelProxy proxy = null;

public boolean setupUI(CustomCodePanelProxy proxy) {
this.proxy = proxy;
return true;

public void panelIsDisplayed() {

private void setExitButton()
GUIAccess gui = (GUIAccess)proxy.getService(GUIAccess.class);

The result of the code above is a panel where previous and next buttons are not showing, but the exit button is not shown as well.

Do you have any idea regarding this matter ?

Kind regards,
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Level 2

Shame on you FLEXERA!! For not replying to real users paying tons of money on licenses!

SHAME on you because you don't offer proper documentation!

SHAME on you because you don't offer proper support from developers on your OFFICIAL FORUMS !


I am really disappointed of your product ! I will NEVER recommend it to anyone else.

And it is not only me with the frustration of trying to contact support, or ask for more info, just look at all the threads on the forums with tons of problems, all problems without answers !
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