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Level 4

Default locale bug workaround ?


There is a bug in IA 2010 in the splash screen,
The default locale is the one your machine is running IF and only IF this locale has been provided in your IA project.

If not, the default locale in the splash screen is not 'english' but the first one in alphabetical order (for instance 'de' comes before 'en').

For such little bugs easy to fix,
does any body know if we can update the file ?

Did somebody experience that ?

Thank you
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Level 5

I think this is working similarly in all other version of IA.

As per my understanding it is working as expected because we are not configuring any locale to be listed as the first choice in the drop-down. So if system specific locale is not present then it would list the very first locale in alphabetical order NOT the English.

If the system specific locale id present in the locale then it should display that locale as the first preference irrespective of the alphabetical order and that is what is happening.

So I don't think that this should be treated as bug. Again this can be a future requirement where IA should provide developer to configure the preference to the locales selected. Personally I am OK with this behavior.

-- Mac
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Level 4

Hello Mac,

Thank you for your answer.

Ok, I agree this is not something blocking (since the end user can choose the appropriate language).

I'm facing a custommer request and I'm still looking for a workaroud.

I tried a rule (which changes user.language to 'en' if it is a non provided one),
but the splash screen comes before the rule is executed.

A clean solution would be to provide some Java code which overrides a method of the IA code in charge of getting the current locale,
but I can't find any public API and code in is of course obfuscated.

Any idea ?
Thanks and kind regards
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Level 6


This issue has been resolved in IA 2011 SP3.Please upgrade to the latest.


Madhav Pai
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