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Custom Code Panel


I created some Custom Code actions and Custom code panels and compiled to a single jar file.

Custom Code Actions are working file.

However, the created Custom Code Panel extending the class CustomCodePanel has following issues that I need to resolve.

1. I did override the getTitle() method and set to a required title. It is displayed on the interface itself. but not in the list of items in the install steps which is on left side of the interface.

2. Once I press next button I can not go back by clicking the previous button.

This tutorial gave me the basic idea to create the custom code panel. 

I have attached the example interface for reference.

Can anyone give me any idea how to fix these issues please.

Development Env:

NetBeans Apache NetBeans IDE 12.5

Java: 11.0.7

InstallAnywhere: 2021 SP2 Build 6597

Thank you

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