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Configuring Installer Debug Output in Project>Config


In project>config I configure Installer Debug Out Options as follows
Send stderr to : installer_stderr.txt
Send stdout to: installer_stdout.txt
As per my understanding these files need to be created in the same location as the installer.

But when I launch the installer I do not find any such files created. Could someone please help with this regard?

Thanks in advance,
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Level 2

Hi, suganthi82

I am chris Li. I am a greenhand of IA 2008.

In IA2008,both the Stderr and Stdout entries should point to the same file. These paths shoule be absolute paths, and can be managed by Java paths not platform-specific paths.
For example:
Send Stderr to: /tmp/debuginfo.txt
Send Stdin to: /tmp/debuginfo.txt
These settings will direct the output to /tmp/debuginfo.txt (on Unix System) or C:/tmp/debuginfo.txt(on Windows System).

You can see the context above on InstallAnywhere 2008 handbook on page 159.
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