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Command line build fails to get preset value of IA_PROJECT_DIR

We  use IA 2018 , installed on Windows and attempting to execute an IA build for platform Linux, through command mode.

The following is an extract from ANT target  

<echo message="${project-dir}"/>
<buildinstaller IALocation="${IA_HOME}" IAProjectFile="${project-dir}/project_mod_nix.iap_xml"
<configuration name="Default_Configuration">
<target platform="${IAINST_PLTFORM}" outputDir="${IAINST_PLTFORM}" buildWithVM="true"
buildWithNoVM="false" />
<env key="IA_PROJECT_DIR" value="${project-dir}"/>

In the build on my system, I can see that the line <env key="IA_PROJECT_DIR" value="${project-dir}"/> has no effect. Even if I set it to any location , it always take project file location as IA_PROJECT_DIR.

Why this is so? (We call a ANT targets through a gradle script).

However in the automated Jenkins build , we see the following error.

in IA build logs when attempting to build for platform linux from a windows machine , we see error something as below

Path Manager: Source Path Not Found
Source Path, IA_PROJECT_DIR, Not Found
The Source Path, IA_PROJECT_DIR, points to a non-existent 
folder, D:\Jenkins\workspace\lb\ga\s\92\Win\product\Installer\ia_projects\productcode. Trying to checkout IAEB version=19.0 __________________________________________________________________________ InstallAnywhere 2018 Version: 19.0 Build: 6112 (Designer/Runtime: Private Hotfix K) __________________________________________________________________________

It is correct that The Source Path, IA_PROJECT_DIR, points to a non-existent folder (the path location it shows is of  windows platform build location). But the question is that although IAprojectFile value in the script is correct (points to Linux location of project file- we had confirmed it), why IA picks Windows location

I am an end user and the team manages Jenkins build so far not isolated any problem from their side.

Further down the Ia logs, we can see  something as below as well. 


Copying D:\jenkins\workspace\lb\xx\s\92\Nix_Installers\xxxxx\xxx\xx\Installer\ia_projects\xxx\xxxmaininstaller_mod_nixBuild.iap_xml. Using copy for build.
Original project unchanged


The build copy project D:\Jenkins\workspace\lb\xx\s\92\Win\xxxxx\xxx\xx\Installer\ia_projects\xxx\xxxmaininstaller_mod_nixBuild.iap_xml could not be loaded.
Terminating build.


 Here lso D:\Jenkins\workspace\lb\xx\s\92\Win is a non existing path. The  actual path is D:\jenkins\workspace\lb\xx\s\92\Nix_Installers

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