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Command line build.exe not generating installers


We have a licensed version of InstallAnywere 2012 EE installed on Windows Server 2012 machine. It generates installers when done from the IA 2012 IDE, however I am having issues when when the installers are generated using the command line build.exe. The installers do get built, however on running the installers generated by the build.exe, I get the following two messages:
  • The installers were built using a unregistered copy of the product (I can assure you that this is not the case)
  • Something about the lax file not being of the latest format and that the product may not work properly.

    Anyone has any clues on how to fix this. :mad:
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    Level 20

    Maybe getting the exact error messages could help?
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    Level 6

    I am attaching the screenshots of the two errors that I get an I can confirm 100% that neither is true. I have two licensed versions of IS 2012 EE, the build room is a W2K12 machine.
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