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Changing the name of the .exe geenrated by InstallAnywhere 2011

Hi All,

I am using InstallAnywhere 2011 and we have Installer Name as Setup in Project >Info . After build is done IA generates Setup.exe . I need to change this name ( have to change name based on customer like abc.exe or example.exe).

After changing the name installer throws error "Unable to execute the desired program. Please get another copy of Installer and try again".

If any one encountered similar issue and found a solution please share the same.

This renaimg works with InstallAnywhere 2008.Recently we have migrated to 2011.
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Hi tpaladug,

Please upgrade to latest version IA 2011 SP2.

Issue has been resolved in IA 2011 SP1 and Above.

Hope this Helps.


Madhav Pai
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