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Change Please wait panel content

Is there a way to change the content of : please wait panel which shows every time I'm executing a custom code for example?
right now it says:"Please wait,$PRODUCT_NAME$ is being configured for your system" which is pretty stupid if I'm executing a delay code in the uninstall...
any how is there a way to change it?
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hi i too have the same problem... i want to start my Tomcat server as my service... so i want to display a dialogue as tomcat service is starting up.... but i dont know hoe to do the same... whter now u found me out i am new to this.. thanks
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Well I'm not sure what version either of you are running but in the Enterprise edition of IA 2008 VP1 you can set an option for custom code which will show "Please wait..." and then you can put in whatever message you like in the indeterminate dialog.
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