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Catalina environment variable is not working in first time

I am new in Install Anywhere, and i have facing a problem relate to CATALINA_HOME environment variable, whenever I am trying to installing an application through installer created with install anywhere first time on a fresh system where no environmental variables for CATALINA_HOME(it is responsible for starting a tomcat server) exists, tomcat   server is not starting and give the error of CATALINA_HOME environmental variable is not set correctly, Since when I am check in system’s environmental variables, CATALINA_HOME's new path(that I want to be) are set successfully however still it gives the error of CATALINA_HOME is not set correctly.

                So, when I am installing the application again it is starting and don’t show that CATALINA_HOME error.

                I have check this multiple times and it is working all time as same as I have mentioned.

If anyone have faced this issue or have any solution kindly share with me.



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