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Level 2

Cant get past initial dialog in first tutorial

Surely I'm not so dense that I can't figure this one out ...

I'm trying to go through the first tutorial and I cannot get past the first page of the project wizard dialog. I'd post an inline image but that facility is not working for me here (I tried Edge and Mozilla). Anyway a link to a screenshot is provided below. I select the "Basic Project Template" and "Create New Project" is selected and there is no way to advance the dialog (in-grey the "Next" button). I see the 'Click "Save As..."' text in the Project File Name box but clicking it or trying to change it does nothing. Also, the Advanced Designer button is greyed out. What in the world am I doing wrong? I've already spent 3 days of my free trial to get this far and I need an installer fast ...


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Level 2

this is wierd, my first page looks like this

maybe you should reinstall IA?
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Level 3

thank you for share 🙂 it is good
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