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Cancel on installer does not work with pop-up window displayed

While this is not a "show stopper" I thought I would post in here asking if this is a known issue or if there is maybe a plan to fix.

When running the installer, InstallAnywhere displays pop-up windows that show how files are deploying. When InstallAnywhere has a pop-up window, the cancel button does not work, since the highlighted window has moved from the main InstallAnywhere to the pop-up window. The user needs to wait until the pop-up window disappears. If the installer hangs for any reason, the user has no option to cancel at all.

The pop-up window has an X in the upper right hand corner, but that does not appear to function, leaving the user without an option to cancel. Since our installers have a lot of these pop up windows, this can leave the user with a small chance of having a working cancel button.

Is this a known defect and are there any plans to fix?

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Level 2

I have a similar query. while choosing JVM panel if we allow user to choose specific Java executable and if user give wrong Java executable then a pop-up is displayed saying that selected JVM is not valid for this installation. In that particular dialogue Red 'X' button is disabled. I am using 2010 Enterprise SP1 InstallAnywhere edition. JVM panel is in-built in that edition. Is there any way to enable it or is this implemented in that way only?
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Level 20

The popup windows having the X button disabled might be a feature and not a bug...
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