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Can you describe a bit more IOA-000077594 ?


I am about to upgrade to IA 2013 but I'd like to get more details about IOA-000077594 issue.


If a project contains multiple build configurations with different build targets, building some of the build targets through the command line with an Ant task or a properties file may lead to unexpected results, wherein build targets from the other build configurations in the project are built, along with the specified build targets.

My project has multiple build configurations (built through ANT) but each build configuration has only one build target (one different for each build configuration).
I am using properties file which only contains build configuration name (build target is not specified there but in my project)
Question: Am I concerned by this known issue?
Then if yes, when will it be fixed?

Thanks in advance

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Level 7


The build creates duplicate build targets in one build configuration when building multiple build configurations. The build is still successful. I don't think this will be a concern since the issue is seen in previous release as well. There is no change in behavior from IA 2012 SP1.

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