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Can't install Java 8u112 hotfix

I'm trying to install: InstallAnywhere HotFix for Windows Launchers using Java 8 Update 112

Recently, I successfully installed Public Hotfix A. splash screen says Build 5238 (Designer/Runtime: Public Hotfix A)

The files in resources/launchanywheres/windows are version, before running Hotfix A they were

The KB article for IOJ-1782054 says I should have

The installer doesn't find my installation - when I point it to the folder, it runs for a while and then reports that it's not a proper version or the hotfix is already installed. I can't find any logging to know more.

The only thing I can think to try in uninstall everything and then build it back up. Before I try that, I thought I'd ask if there was any easy fix, like tossing a file or manually copying the files I'm looking for.

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Re: Can't install Java 8u112 hotfix

It may help..
Log in to Patch Manager as an administrator.
Delete the existing Java updates from the Patch Manager Console.
Expand Administration and Reporting > Software Publishing and select Sun Packages.
Select the Java Runtime Environment 8u112 package.
In the Actions pane, click Publish Packages.
In the Patch Manager Package Wizard, select the Java Runtime Environment package, and click Next.
Click OK in the Information dialog box.
In the Package Download Assistant window, click the link and navigate to the vendor website to accept the license agreement and download the package.
Complete the Patch Manager Package Wizard.
Deploy the package using Update Management on the targeted systems.
Open Task History and verify that the download and deployment were completed.
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