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Can't get Chinese Simplified to show in installer.

Can't get Chinese Simplified to show in installer. I have an installer that has English and Chinese Simplified selected under Locales-Locale List. Then on the build tab I'm bundling my installer with Sun JRE 1.6.0_02 i18n Win32. I'm told the i18n means it's international so it should have the Chinese support in it. However, at install time it doesn't even ask which language it just automatically chooses English. It used to work on a test machine here and they recently rebuilt that machine and now I can't get the Chinese language to show up anymore. So, I'm not sure what it had before that was allowing the Chinese language to be selected. It's an XP box and I've tried installing support for RTF languages, East Asian languages. I even set the non-Unicode programs to Chinese (PRC). I also installed the JRE with multi-language support. What else can I try?
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I can confirm I had to purchase a Simplified Chinese version of XP, and then the installer enabled options for Simplified Chinese and English. As for OSX, there is a Simplified Chinese version of it available (via the Singapore Apple Store) but in fact you don't need to purchase it--simply reinstall the OS selecting Simplified Chinese as the Main Language and then run the installer, it will produce the same aforementioned options as the Simplified Chinese XP.
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