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An error occurs when re-install using install.bin (when Upgrade Support is enabled)

I have been trying to make a Console installer in Linux platform by using InstallAnywhere2015.

In the Advanced Designer, setting [Enable Upgrade Support] to [Yes], I built an install.bin
besides the othere settings is still default. (please refer to the attached file: for Upgrade Configuration settings)
At first, the install.bin was successfully executed. But, when I executed it once again, this error was displayed:

One or more newer versions of the product are already installed.

When I set [Enable Upgrade Support] to [No], built and executed the installer, the error was not displayed and
the alternative for repair/uninstall was displayed.

What should I do to display the above alternative when [Enable Upgrade Support] is set to [Yes]?
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‘I don’t think that maintenance mode is supported when upgrades are enabled’.
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To Rajarajan; Many thanks for your comment and sorry for my late response.
I understood the specification, and try to consider the other way when upgrades are enabled.
Thank you very much.
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