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Level 6

Adding Prerequest to the installer

HI fnds,

While installing the application i have one feature ,that feature will install only in windows .this feature devloped in .net application.
For this application need as a prerequest of .NetFrameWork 3.0 if i didnt found the prerequest i want to abort the installation.

could u please help me how to do this one.

Advanced thankes


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Level 6

If you want to search for the prerequiste and if it is not available ,then if you want to abort means

Go to system search and add prerequiste registry value.

Then kep the value condition in dialog sequence.

If you want to install prerequisite, if it is not vaiable in the system then use redistributable.

Best Regards
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Level 20

If you're installing only on Windows, then maybe is not the most appropriate tool, and IS might be a better choice...
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Level 7

May you can look in registry in
and get the value of InstallRoot.
After getting this value, check if it exists on that location. if yes, .Netframework is installed, else not.

or, may be when u install .Netframework, entry might go in assembly folder %SystemRoot%/WinSxS/ folder. You can check in this folder also.
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