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Level 7

AWT support?

Do "IA 2008 Value Pack1" support AWT? I was earlier using IA7.1.3 and used some awt classes in custom code.

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.awt.font.*;

When I open the project file with new IA version, it says that
"Your project leverages AWT support, but AWT support has been removed from InstallAnywhere. Procedding with project conversion will replace AWT support with Swing support in your project. Do you want to continue with project conversion?"

But the templates given in the installanywhere installation does make use of awt. Does IA really doesn't support AWT??
Also, how can I use swing?? Does it support classes like 'Button' and etc..
How do I include the package in my code?
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Flexera Alumni

Correct: as of InstallAnywhere 2008, AWT mode is unsupported as the project UI type (in Installer UI > Look & Feel > Allowable UI Modes), but you still can use AWT (and Swing) code in your custom panels.
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Level 7

Great! So I can use the same code. Thanks!
I did create the new installers and it worked fine..
I wanted to know one more thing.. I have the same code for windows 32bit and windows 64bit installers, and I use $SYSTEM$ variable.
Will it expands to some value depending on the JRE bundled with it?
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