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lmvminfo doesn't return virtualization details

lmvminfo doesn't return virtualization details


Why doesn't "lmvminfo -long" return detailed virtualization details?


The lmvminfo utility returns the environment as virtual or not and possibly additional details in the case of a virtual environment with (-long) switch. 


lmutil lmvminfo [-long]


Where lmvminfo returns the following:

lmvminfo - Copyright (c) 1989-2018 Flexera. All Rights Reserved.

Running on Physical Platform


lmvminfo - Copyright (c) 1989-2018 Flexera. All Rights Reserved.

Running on Virtual Platform


Where -long returns the following:

  • Family of the virtual machine. The Family generally denotes the provider of the detected hypervisor software that the virtual machine (VM) is running on.
  • Name of the virtual machine. The Name specifies the detected hypervisor product that the virtual machine (VM) is running on. The Name is for future use and is intended to be a subset of family.
  • UUID of the machine
  • GENID of the machine


FlexNet Licensing Service Dependency

  • Depending on the version of lmvminfo and the underlying licensing release (FNP version) the retrieval of virtual machine information (such as UUID) is either done by the core licensing software or the "FlexNet Licensing Service" component - either FNLS on Windows or a new Daemon introduced in 11.14.1 on Linux.  (We will refer to this as “FNLS” for simplicity).
  • Recent releases (post 11.14.x) require that “FNLS” be installed to obtain VM details.
  • If you haven’t installed “FNLS” an error will be returned when using “-long”. The actual error message will depend on the licensing version (FNP and lmvminfo) in use.  Here are some examples of what you might receive as output of the lmvminfo –long command:


Pre- (Windows)

lmvminfo - Copyright (c) 1989-2014 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Running on Virtual Platform




GENID: ERROR - Unavailable. Insufficient privilege.

Error: FNP License Service not installed


FNP 11.16.x (Windows)

lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2019 Flexera. All Rights Reserved.

The FlexNet Licensing Service is not installed.  (-213,0)


NOTE:  Before changes implemented in (Windows) and 11.14.1 (Linux) the core FNP code was checking for the existence of virtual machines.  In the first example above, you will notice that UUID was returned despite the fact that “FNLS” was not installed (as evident by the error message).  The error message has been refined in subsequent releases, based on user feedback.

In the second example, the retrieval of VM information is done in “FNLS” and the only thing displayed when “FNLS” is not installed is the error informing you of that condition.

The reason for moving the virtualization checking from the main code to the service  was to improve performance.  It is expected that going forward you will need to have the “FNLS” service (Windows) or Daemon (Linux) installed for lmvminfo – long to provide the full VM details. 

NOTE:  We may from time to time introduce additional functionality in this service, so be sure to watch Release Notes.

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