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lmadmin's Java Dependency

lmadmin's Java Dependency


1.The Java dependency of lmadmin comes up from the base on which the installer is build i.e. "InstallAnywhere" product - which has a prerequisite over Java availability.

2.Now, given that Java has become a monetary product it just creates a whole new dimension of issues for publishers who may not choose to buy it and hence the OpenJdk (free version java) support has been made available with lmadmin in the latest versions.

3.The end customer can use OpenJdk (free version java) instead.

4.By default, lmadmin does not have dependency on Java. It has extra plugin as runalerter which has dependency on Java. On other note, lmgrd and lmadmin are considered as license server manager.

5.The lmadmin installer requires that JRE 1.6 or later (for OS X: JRE 1.7 or later) be installed.

6.If the JRE is not already present on the machine then it must be installed separately, because it is not bundled with the lmadmin installer.


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