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lmadmin displays "ERROR: connect failed" on Linux

lmadmin displays "ERROR: connect failed" on Linux


This article will help to resolve the issue where lmadmin shows the error "ERROR: connect failed" in the lmadmin log or Displays the error "Vendor error: in the Dashboard


When starting the lmadmin license server it has been observed that even though the license server is serving the licenses the lmadmin Dashboard is displaying an error - "Vendor error: <yourvendorname>" and the lmadmin log shows the error "ERROR: connect failed".


This issue has been found to be caused by a mismatch in the /etc/hosts file on Linux operating systems. The mismatch seems to be if the ip address/hostname of the machine that you are running lmadmin on, does not match up with the ip address/hostname setting in the /etc/hosts file on that same machine.


Ensure that the ip address/hostname of the settings in the /etc/hosts file match up with the server machine
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