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cannot access ‘/usr/local/share/macrovision/storage/FLEXnet'

cannot access ‘/usr/local/share/macrovision/storage/FLEXnet'



No PID file for FNPLicensingService

1.) Why does this error mean?

2.) What is the significance of this PID file?

3.) Is it ok to ignore the existence of this file

4.) What are the probable root cause of this observation?


1.) this error is seen because the FNPLicensingService is not properly started on the machine

2.) contains the processID of the FNPLicensingService.

3.) he above error signifies the FNPLicensingService is not properly installed. 
i think FNPLicensingService daemon is not active, So we cannot ignore the existence of this file.

4.) This error is generally seen in case if appropriate bit of FUSE libraries are not installed. For installing 32 bit FNLS, ensure that 32 bit of FUSE libraries are installed and same goes for 64 bit FNLS (i.e. 64 bit FUSE)

Also, var/run/FNP directory is getting deleted after restarting/fresh installation the machine (on latest Non windows)and FNPLicensingService is not able to create the var/run/FNP/ file. 

create /var/run/FNP directory and run the installer again. 

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