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Workaround for LSB Component in RHEL

Workaround for LSB Component in RHEL


In RHEL9, the LSB component is not offered as part of the supported distribution. Components in
FlexNet Publisher, such as lmgrd, require the LSB-loader. If this is not present, lmgrd and other utilities
will fail to run with a No such file or directory error.


As a workaround, specify a soft link to the native loader. The following symlinks have been verified on

32-bit Linux
sudo bash -c "if [ ! -e /lib/ ]; then ln -s /lib/; fi"

64-bit Linux
sudo bash -c "if [ ! -e /lib64/ ]; then ln -s /lib64/; fi“

More Information

From, the script will issue a warning if LSB is not detected on the host.
Additionally, this script supports a new -nolsb parameter, which sets up the above symlinks.

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