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Reasons for lmgrd service not getting started

Reasons for lmgrd service not getting started

There could be scenarios where the lmgrd service is not coming up due to multiple reasons , here are a few checks which can be made to start with

1.The folder that are chosen for lmgrd, license file and debug log should be placed inside a sub folder of Program files in C drive.
2.On Windows platforms, it is best practice to set the location of debug_log_path to a sub-folder of Program Data. This location has user-write permissions by default, which are needed when the license server runs as a service with Local Service permission.

3. In the windows service (Properties ->Log on) Local system account should be ticked if faced with below error


Property to be modified


4.lmgrd.exe must be located in a subdirectory of Program Files (x86) (for a 32-bit lmgrd) or Program Files (for a 64-bit lmgrd) when lmgrd is being started manually.

5.Before running lmgrd manually, ensure that either of the following is true:
• The vendor daemon is in the same directory as lmgrd or in one of the directories specified in the lmgrd process’s $PATH environment variable.
• For license file–based licensing, the end user has edited the license file to include the path to the vendordaemon on the VENDOR line.
Additionally, for trusted storage–based licensing on UNIX platforms, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable must include the path to the vendor daemon’s activation library component,

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