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Java API getServerTimeout is not working as expected

Java API getServerTimeout is not working as expected


Java client timeout not checking license in on server


To create a client time out on the license server, using the Flexnet publisher Java API, it is required to set the value using the following API call:

public int getServerTimeout() {
return 20; // 20 minutes

However it has been observed that even though this value has been set, the time out does not occur as expected. It may take up to 2 hours rather than the 20 minutes as specified.


An issue seems to occur if the attribute ls_allow_borrow is set to 1. The time out value seems to be ignored and the default value of 2 hours is used instead.


To resolve this issue, set the attribute ls_allow_borrow to 0. The attribute is not required to support borrowing, it is legacy code that does not need to be set any more.
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